Sep 28, 2015

Feral Tabby Tom

Feral tabby tom cat, with interrupted bath
My photography interrupted a fur-cleaning session. This older tabby tom has been around the colonies a long time. Perhaps he's not so photogenic, but I thought he needed to be included in our online family. To me, he looks a little sad. At least he's well-fed.

In case you missed, it, The Feral Life 2016 Cat calendar is here!  We have two choices, as we have every year lately. The Lulu edition is the better deal - only because Zazzle's base printing costs are so high. Check them out...and give some as gifts! It helps feed the kitties. :)


1 comment:

  1. dood...we think yur veree fotoz genic !!!! look at de colorz in yur coat !! hope all iz well with ewe N de crew...we iz glad chriss getted a snapshot oh ewe ta share with de rst oh uz !! bee happee N bee healthee ~~~~~~ waves two everee one...


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