Sep 21, 2015

Silver The Tabby

Silver the tabby cat photo
Silver, the tabby cat, we haven't had a photo of him for awhile, so here he is! Silver is the brother of muted tortie, Dora the Explorer, and a very quiet and somewhat shy guy. The only time I see him up close is at feeding time. He's one of the ones who will come right up to me to make sure he gets his share. But other than that, he's mostly never seen or heard.


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  1. dood !!! grate two see ewe again....ewe R lookin well...hope thiz summer treeted ewe & de crew good...hope thiz fall treetz ewe all even better ...knot much goin on in trout towne; we R just waitin for de BURDZ ta fly south for de winter !!!! hope yur dayz a good one ♥♥♥


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