Mar 15, 2016

Coppertop on a Tractor Seat

Because I disturbed her nap, Coppertop looks at me with perhaps mild annoyance. Perched on he throne on the seat of the old tractor, she is enjoying a brief bit of sun. And that's the only kind of sun we've had lately: brief. Otherwise, it seems like endless wind, rain, and chilly temperatures, with little respite in sight.

I hear some parts of the country are experiencing unseasonably warm weather. You could send some this way; the kitties wouldn't mind at all!



  1. So beautiful, especially the color contrasts, between his orange and the green background and the black seat. Love it.

  2. waves two ewe copper top !!! we wood loves a send sum heet & sun yur way but we haz none weatherz dood iz talkin snow....whoa.....last twooz day it was 70... hope ewe N de crew R well, a happee week a head two everee one ♣♣♣♣♣♥♥


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