Mar 21, 2016

Hiding Spot

More stripes would help but when you're a harlequin or cow cat, you have work with what you have. Spot the Cat is doing his best to hide, just because that's what cats do. Spotsy has been around for quite awhile; here is recent photo of Spot on patrol ... and he's also the kitten shown at the top of the Top 10 Cat Names page! We love Spot. He's always been very small but he's healthy and happy and very friendly.


1 comment:

  1. spot....ewe R total lee awesum ....ya ree mind uz oh boomer....

    yea...dood....say, yur last name iz knot o'cat bye any chance iz it !!!

    ~~~~~~~~~ waves two ewe N heerz ta stayin healthee & happee fora loooooooooooong time yet ♥♥♥


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