Nov 28, 2019

Throwback to Happier Times

A throwback to Happier times... Two years ago but sometimes feels like forever : a happy Hammie the bobtail cat smiles as he cuddles with me. He was such a sweet boy.

And he isn't the only one we've lost. It's been a rough year but I don't write about these things because there's no point in spreading the pain around. Just this one time, I will - to say that I am grateful for the time we had together. And that is my thanksgiving. This is a remembrance for the kitties who made my life better...

Love your babies. You won't have them forever.

Lucy, Hammie's bobtail sister
Lucy left us, too. Former feral cats often have multiple health problems and although I try my best, I fail way too much. I feel like I failed them, and I'm sorry.

Spot, a tiny cat even as an adult
Spot also left us. He was such a sweet boy, too. His health problems kept him small but he loved his family so much. And I loved him, too.

Katniss has a sister who is still here, and seems healthy, thankfully. Her multiple health issues didn't slower down much. Now she is at peace.

I am thankful for having these cats in my life. They made me happier, made my world better. In another, better world, we would still be together. But I don't make the rules,

Thank you, kitties, for making my life better. I hope I did the same for you, while you were here.

Love your kitties. Make the world a better place while you can. Nothing lasts forever.



  1. How true, we are here for just a flash. Your kitties are so beautiful and you love them and give them food and shelter during their flash of time. Bless you and your time on this dark rock.

  2. We have two that are way up in age and I'll be surprised if they last another year. They are both calicos and the one has always been half the size of the other cats. I named her Little Girl. I've lost two due to my son trying to be a "good samaritan" and bringing two stray dogs home. The one dog definitely was not cat friendly!! We've had two stray cats find us this year. The one is black (with a little white underneath). The poor guy has had a heck of a year as one of our other male cats will NOT accept him AT ALL!!! I've finally got him to the point where he trusts me now. The other is a female Tonkinese (I think) who is just the most lovable and perfect cat you could ever ask for. She was just skin and bones when I heard a mew by the garden in the weeds under some boards. She still had a mark on her neck where a collar had been. It tears out a piece of your heart when you lose them. Thanks for all you do and your pictures! I'm down" to 16 cats now. Most of mine are up in age now -- but then again, so am I!!!

  3. I have never had a cat I have lost since I got my first kitten at the age of 57. But I have lost two dogs and they were family. Its hard letting go, its hard giving them up. I just had my best bud of 13 yrs put down in March (2020). I wanted to not let go but I would not let him suffer. Loving your blog.


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