Jan 9, 2010

Wheelbarrow Cat - Feral Cat Photo Of The Day

The cat on the upturned wheelbarrow... a closer inspection reveals that it is Willemina, daughter of the late Willem DeKooning (the cat, not the artist).

Wheelbarrow Cat

We've seen Willemina before, of course. She's a lovable and ditzy girl - and she's made this wheelbarrow her official territory, I guess.

I took a couple of pictures of Willemina on a wheelbarrow a while back These were taken with the Yashica Mat EM 6x6, I think.. or the Mamiya C330 6x6, and they just came back from Photoworks SF so I thought I'd share them with you.. The previous Willemina photos were from the Canon DSLR.

feral cat photo on a wheelbarrow
As just a matter of personal preference, I love the look and feel of the 6x6 film camera, the big negatives and the saturated colors: Most of the calendar pictures are shot with a film camera rather than the digital. But as I said, it's just a preference.

Willemina is a lovable girl. I wish she didn't have so many problems.

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