Jun 4, 2011

Yet another feral tabby

Yet another tabby cat feral
I said there would be more and here we are... yet another tabby, so many of the poor things among the feral cats that I haven't really named them all. As I mentioned in the previous tabby post, some of them just don't stand out enough. That makes me sad because they are individuals and I think they deserve recognition as such.  So here you go, tabby cat.

In other news, Dora and Spot are back from their trip to the vet, sponsored by United Paws. Spot had an instant recovery, Dora is taking longer. They are very adoptable kitties and you will find them on this site if you poke around.


  1. He has a penetrating gaze. Maybe you should give him a stoic, quiet name like his look. Funny, I was just looking at a pic of Demi Moore's eyes, and then I saw him, and his eyes remind me of her's for some reason. Why not call him Demi, especially since he seems to be a big cat, and demi is "half" which would be ironic?

    I'd love to adopt him and the others. ;(

  2. This one is gorgeous! What thick, soft fur and knowing eyes. Beautiful photo.

  3. Thank you. Hopefully he's a happy feral cat.


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